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This post is in English because I want to tell this story to all my friends, the ones over the seas as well and of course to all my readers too.

I am sitting in our private villa in Bali that we rented for our vacation and I am looking at this beautiful view and I thinking how will I tell this story -Short or long version?

For people who want the short version -We got in engaged last night. Yes, he got on his knee, asked me to become his wife and I said YES

Longer and bit funnier version is that, this engagement is something we have been kinda waiting to happen for almost two years.

It all started at a friends wedding. We had been dating for few months and we got invited to his friends wedding where they had fake diamonds as table decoration. Arttu picked a handful of those ”diamonds” and said -which size diamond my lady would prefer? Without even looking, I said none of those.
I had just seen a perfect ring online and I showed that to him. The ring I showed him was a huge emerald cut ring -When I say big I mean BIG! 

Maybe one moth later, Arttu showed up at my door with flowers and a card that said ”I love you so much! Ps. What is your ring size?” 
Then he walked in and said, now we are going to find you the perfect ring. We opened up a computer and I was about to open up a regular jewelry store site but he said ”Show me that one ring”. 
I realized he meant the ring in the picture I showed him. I had to tell him asap that I wasn’t serious with that and that it was way too big. He still insist we would look up for it because he said he wants it to be just the way I want. Not something like it but just perfect.

We looked for that type of ring for hours. We looked at the measurements, quality’s and different shapes. We searched for the ring for months and it got to the point where I said -Seriously, just get me the regular wedding band, I will lose my mind if I see another site about rings. 

On our vacation in France we went into dozen diamond shops. It was so funny, because we went to the stores right after surfing. Arttu didn’t have a shirt on, I had a bikini top and shorts, we was both wearing flipflops. Meaning, we didn’t look like we could afford any rings. We rang the door bell and when the jewelry dealer opened the door, there was always that few second silence stare before they let us in.

One store had this lady who said they didn’t have the diamond I was looking for but they had some others she wanted to show me.

Remember guys when I said I have the most expensive taste ever, well it was obvious in this case as well. Every time they showed me rings without price tags on them, I always picked the one that was most expensive.

The lady showed me about 10 rings but I saw one ring on the side, I wanted to have a better look at. It was solitary brilliant diamond with white gold ring and when I asked how much was it. -It’s really expensive, she said. She didn’t even take the ring, just repeated -It’s really expensive. I insisted to see it and I wanted to know the price. It was 80 000€. I looked at Arttu with ”what the hell look” on my face and told the lady that she was right, it is super expensive and way over our budget.

The search continued. On our trip to Berlin I finally found the type of ring I was looking for and when I saw it, it wasn’t as nice as I imagined it. Yep, we was back at square one.

In Berlin

In Berlin

During these two years, we have been making fun of this ”situation”. My family asking us ”when are you guys going to do it” Where Arttu always replies –”As soon as I get 80 000€ saved up”. 
Sometimes when he shows me love, he ask’s me, are you my lady? and I always lift my left hand, look at the finger that has no ring yet and say -Nope, don’t think so and our kids starts laughing and they look at Arttu like ”Oh damn, she got you…”

There was a point where I told him that he can get what ever ring he wants. He said he is not going to be fooled by that. He said he want’s it to be perfect, that I will be happy to look at it everyday for the rest of my life. After searching together for a while, we decided we would go with a classic engagement ring. Solitaire, round cut diamond. I had few details I wanted on it but the final ring was up to him.

Well, last night was the night it happened. I knew he had planned something special for the night because he just isn’t a good liar. Little things he said I knew he was up to something. But I didn’t know what it was.
See, there was one a funny situation a year ago when he wanted to do something special for me and I thought he was going to do it. He left me notes around the house and had a taxi pick me up to drive to different places and get more clues of where I had to go next. We ended up in the coffee shop where we had our first date. I definitely thought he was going to do it but I was wrong, he just wanted to do something nice and special. We have been laughing about that situation many time as well. Long story short, like I said, I knew he was up to something but definitely wouldn’t know what to expect.. It could be just one of his special nights he wanted to plan while we on our vacation.

Last night he said we will have dinner in our room and he wanted to pick up some wine. We drove a scooter to pic up the wine and I was so scared because the light in the scooter broke and It was dark as hell. I told him to stop and let me out -I will walk the rest of the way home.

When we got to our villa, it has candles and roses around the room.

He gave me a hug and a kiss and I felt how his heart was beating really hard. That moment I knew something was going on. Didn’t know what.. but something serious it had to be. Then he told me to close my eyes. He hold my hand and I felt him go down on his knee. His hand started to shake, I opened my eyes and I saw him down on his knee with a ring box. He said ”Alona, will you marry me”. He was still shaking so I got down on my knees as well to hold him. He was so nervous that he opened the box upside down but I wasn’t even looking at the ring because I wanted to be in his arms. Then he looks at me and says. You didn’t reply yet?! I said -I will!!. Then he said that there is three conditions for you getting this ring.

1. You may never ever remove it from your finger when you get mad. ( He knows my temper)
2. You have one day to change your mind. After that, there is no turning back.
3. You have to wear the ring for a week and only then say if there is something you will like to change. ( He was afraid I wouldn’t like it)

It was perfect, he was perfect. We had a private dinner served in our room and it was amazing.

So yes, I am now his ex girlfriend, current fiance and future wife. I’m too old to be a ”girlfriend” don’t you think…

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