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Renzo Gracie, it’s hard to find words to describe.

I found MMA through Black Belt magazine in the 90’s when I read the story about the first UFC. Like many of you know, Royce Gracie shocked the whole martial arts world by winning the tournament. After that, everyone knew the Gracie family and that they were bad ass.

I remember hearing about this new guy from their family who had knocked out Oleg Taktarov. His name was Renzo Gracie. He was a wild anymal, different from the others. I was sold!
From that moment on I have been a fan of this great master. He’s a born fighter who just loves to fight. He lives and breathes fighting. Years of following this great master I have come to learn that he is much more than just a fighter. He lives by the samurai code and shares his philosophy through jiu jitsu.

When I heard Renzo was fighting in the ADCC superfight, I asked my manager(my wife) to get in contact with his manager. A week before the ADCC 2017, my wife told me that she had got in contact with the master himself. I am forever grateful to her for making this come together ?